Shameless posing

Me and Clifford Stoll (you know, the guy who tracked the German hacker and wrote The Cuckoo's Egg ) flanking my wife, Campbell Award-nominated SF author Linda Dunn, during a brief chat we had at DragonCon in Atlanta during July 1995.

Lucky me. Jewel Kilcher (see main page links) let me appear in a photo with her. Joy! She's such a sweet person -- and a MAJOR musical talent. This picture was taken at the so-called JewelStock; a private concert gift from Jewel to her hundreds of Internet fans. Taken at Bearsville NY on July 18, 1996. Excuse the manic grin; for some reason I was really excited to be there... Photo by Toni.

Taken August 8, 1996 at Borders Books in Indianapolis. Canadian talent and future superstar Tara MacLean stopped by on a whirlwind tour promoting her album Silence. She's a brilliant musician with an outstanding voice, and best of all, a really nice person! Don't miss her if she comes to your area.

On August 5, 1997 I hosted a small concert on the wonderful Living Room Tour. San Diego musicians Elizabeth Hummel (left) and Cindy Lee Berryhill (right) heard of our nationwide fan network from a friend of theirs, the person who originally inspired it -- Jewel Kilcher. Intrigued by the idea of a series of small, intimate concerts, Elizabeth and Cindy decided to arrange for a cross-country tour at the homes of several interested parties. The Greenfield stop was a huge success, and the ladies continued on for appearances in Toledo, Cape Cod, Cincinnati, and a few on the east coast and Canada. They both have a growing repertoire of recordings, so look them up and hear some of their music.

I'm a huge fan of an Austin, Texas-based band called Sister Seven.  Sadly, they have recently gone on indefinite hiatus due to being dropped by their former record label. We journeyed down to Austin, Texas recently to see them perform their last concerts. Top row: On the left, Bass player Darrell Phillips (photo by Christine Niemoeller). On the right, Lead singer/guitarist Patrice Pike (photo by Chris Patterson). Bottom row: On the left, drummer Sean Phillips (photo by Chris Patterson). On the right, guitarist Wayne Sutton (photo by Christine Niemoeller).


And I was happily able at last to catch up with Massachusetts folk singer Dar Williams at a concert opened by (of course!) Tara MacLean.  Dar was brilliant and witty and so entertaining... why she agreed to cap a wonderful concert by having her picture taken with me I'll never know!  Thanks to Tim Burke for handling the camera here!


With fantasy author Terry Pratchett (now SIR Terry!) at Worldcon 1993. Photo by Linda.


British SF writer Stephen Baxter in the dealer's room at Worldcon 1998. Photo by Linda.


Look, it's the Doctor! Dr. Demento at DragonCon 2004.


With two of the finest writers in the SF field today: Hugo- and Nebula-winning Lois McMaster Bujold and R.M. (Rebecca) Meluch at Marcon 1995. Photo by Linda.


The magnificent and witty Emm Gryner, from Toronto, Ontario. Emm is another Canadian singer/songwriter that you'll soon be hearing more about. Taken at Andrea's living room concert on Aug. 27, 1999, by her manager Mike. Hey -- did anyone see Emm doing backup vocals for David Bowie during his October 1999 TV appearances? Rock on!


Blues guitarist/vocalist and soon-to-be-legend Shannon Curfman at the July 4 Freedom Fest in Indianapolis, after her rain-shortened set. Thanks to Shannon for always being a patient and friendly performer, and to Lee Richey for taking the picture!


5-time Grammy nominee and electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani at AppleVention 2000. From her days working with the quirky but powerful Buchla synthesizer system to her use of the Synclavier and more recent hard-disk based studios, Suzanne has always convinced technology to serve the cause of music, rather than the other way round. Picture taken -- again -- by Chris Patterson.


Apple Computer founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak at AppleVention 2000. Woz gave a fascinating talk about his life as an inventor, and spent the rest of his time hanging out with the attendees, answering questions and chatting. Thanks, Woz! Once again, Chris Patterson behind the camera.


With Jonatha Brooke at a recent appearance in Ann Arbor at Borders. Since the breakup of The Story, Jonatha has released several excellent albums and gained a wide following, but still has time to hang out with her fans. Thanks, Jonatha! Photo taken by Christine Niemoeller.


With Dr. Yoji Kondo after a talk on new discoveries in physics at the World SF Convention, Philadelphia, 2001. Dr. Kondo has more credits to his name in astrophysics than I have room for, here.


Before IndyVival 2002, with Rev. Ivan Stang, founder and chief Slackmeister of the Church of the SubGenius. Photo by Randy Porter.


Hanging out after a show with Lennon, whom we hope will be a household name in the music industry any day now. Photo by Dennis Niemoeller.


The inestimable and talented Steve Poltz, singer/songwriter, member of the Rugburns, and sometime collaborator with Jewel. Photo by ?.


IRL driver and Indy 500 competitor Sarah Fisher, meeting her fans at a publicity event before the 86th 500-mile race. Photo by Brian Cuneo.


Venezuelan sports car driver Milka Duno, just before the Mid-Ohio ALMS race on June 30, 2002. Photo by Dennis Niemoeller.


Actress Traci Lords, at DragonCon 2002. Photo by Cathy Dailey.


Larry Fast, pioneer synthesist and creator of the Synergy recordings. Taken at the Tony Levin Band concert by Doug McIntosh.


Actress Claudia Christian, at DragonCon 2003. Photo by Cathy Dailey.


Happy Rhodes, singer/songwriter with amazing range and talent. Taken at a house concert in Toledo OH by Kevin Highnight.


My bass instructor Jack Casady, at Fur Peace Ranch 2003. Photo by Joe Cunningham.


Legendary blues guitarist and Saturday Night bandleader G.E. Smith, at Fur Peace Ranch 2003. Photo by Joe Cunningham.


Megan Slankard, rising Bay area musician and recently featured on TLC's What Not To Wear. Photo by Dennis Niemoeller.


Peter Jurasik, star of such SF classics as Tron and Babylon5. Photo by Amanda Dailey.


Brian Redman, professional race car driver - which is a totally inadequate description. Brian has driven the fastest sports cars in the world, and his career is legendary. Photo by Dean Lonskey.


Jim Hall, who designed and raced the awesome Chaparral cars in the 60s and 70s. Bet you can't name anyone else who has won domestic (USRRC) and international (WSC) championship races in a car he built himself - and whose team won the Indy 500, twice. Photo by Dennis Niemoeller.


Vic Elford, who drove for Jim Hall in the Can-Am series, and competed with Brian, Jim, and many others in international sports car competitions, coming away with his share of successes. Photo by Dennis Niemoeller.


Gigi Edgley, from the SF series Farscape. Photo by Cathy Dailey.


Stephen Furst, from the SF series Babylon 5. Photo by Murray.


David Prowse, perhaps better known as Darth Vader. Photo by Murray.


Ellen Muth, from the series Dead Like Me. Photo by Murray.


Kari Byron, of TV's Mythbusters. Photo by Murray.


One more step and it's the Atlantic Ocean. At Key West, 1993. Hey, the monument is smarter than some people I've met in my life... Taken by my former supervisor, Jim Gogola.

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