Dynaco QD-1 Quadaptor™


The Dynaco QD-1 Quadaptor serves as a junction box between the outputs of a conventional two channel stereo amplifier or receiver, and four loudspeaker systems. it is a passive device, requiring no AC power.

The Quadaptor provides the simple but essential circuitry to recover four separate signal components from two stereo channels utilizing the Dynaquad system. It facilitates accurate electrical balance in the system to attain maximum separation. It also provides for listening to the front speakers alone as conventional two-channel stereo.

The Quadaptor does not add anything to the original program, nor does it in any way alter the content or distortion levels of the signals. It is not a synthesizer. A substantial portion of the recorded material in normal two channel sources has been hidden up to now and the Quadaptor simply makes maximum effective use of allof the information which has been recorded. A uniquely simple technique of ambience recovery in Dynaquad sound reveals this added "presence" or realism in your present stereo record and tape libraries, and from stereo FM broadcasts. New source material utilizing the Dynaquad recording technique will contain the four directions of sound in the two conventional channels.


Rear Level Control: This simultaneously adjusts the volume level of the two back speakers.

Mode Switch: This 3-position switch provides Dynaquad 4-dimensional sound in its normally centered position. In the lower position the back speakers are disconnected, and the front speakers are heard in convention two channel stereo. In the upper (spring-return) BALANCE-CHECK position, the speakers are connected to reproduce only the differencebetween the channels.

Designed by:

David Hafler, Sid Lidz

Year Introduced:



$22.50 kit
$29.95 assembled


David Hafler's minimalist ambience-recovery circuitry available as a separate box add-on for any amplifier with common channel output grounds.

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