The obligatory links page

Here are some links contributed by friends and visitors to this site...

Madisound's site for speaker parts

The Morel Co., for some speaker replacement parts

The Morel Co. US site

Panor's NEW Dynaco site

The Classic Speaker Pages

Classic Audio

Sound Valves Corporation

Borbely Audio

Triode Electronics

Audio By Van Alstine

Curcio Audio

Classic Valves

Norman Koren's Audio page

Audio Related Internet, World Wide Web & FTP Sites

Dynaco Circuits

Stereo Exchange (Chicago)

Douglas Self's article on subjective evaluation This link includes a reference to David Hafler's "Straight wire differential test".

NTE Seminconductor's Transistor Cross Reference

Downloadable documents containing cross-reference data

Peavey's transistor cross reference document

UNL's EE site - tons of great electronics links

The Audio Circuit - Great info on audio esoterica

BobbyShred's Infinity Speakers page

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