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This is me; not for viewing by small or impressionable children. But click on the icon and you'll see a much bigger image containing a few nice people I hang out with from time to time :-)

Interested in classic high fidelity equipment? Check out the only site on the web dedicated to the history and equipment catalog of the Dynaco company. I'm proud to say that it has been unofficially endorsed by former employees of the company.

The official home page for the band Painting Jaime -- four big talents, including my daughter. Click the icon to meet them.

The concert event of 1996; a present from singer/songwriter Jewel Kilcher to her Internet fans. I WAS THERE! Click on the logo to visit it.

Thanks to Dennis Harris for the JewelStock logo...

Oh cool! My site got an award! ;-)

Key Resource

Several of my friends from the Jewel mailing list came down to attend a FREE concert by Chuck Marten on the weekend of May 2-4, 1997. Now, a page full of exciting images taken from that weekend... Click on the icon to go there.

The extraordinary talent of Jewel Kilcher...

Colin's Unoffical Jewel Homepage

Adam's award-winning Pieces of Jewel Page

Jewel's official page

Dennis Harris's Jewelstock page

Gerrit's Jewel page

Another wonderful new artist comes from Canada, straight into our hearts. The achingly evocative music of Tara MacLean held me spellbound the first time I ever heard it. Visit her site at Nettwerk's artist section, buy her records, and absolutely do not miss her if she comes within, say, a day's drive of your city.

The most amazing new blues guitarist to hit the charts in a long, long time -- 14 year old Shannon Curfman will amaze you with her polished style and powerful vocals, performing her own songs. My best bet for top of the charts in 2000.

Check out Ray Newman's fan site for more info and reviews!

Click the icon to see a site devoted to Heather Nova - music well worth checking out!

photo: Peter Heuts

Click the icon to see another terrific singer/musician/songwriter: a friend of ours, Indiana's own Carrie Newcomer!

Click the icon to see the official home page of Patty Griffin, a brilliant and intense writer/performer.

Click the icon to see Sony's Fiona Apple site - Don't miss her album Tidal!

Check out the work of this fascinating band: three talented gals and a guy. Music loaded with rich vocal harmonies, violin, and grunge guitar. Then visit the UBL (see below) for more sites dedicated to their music. Late breaking news: the band has amicably split up to pursue separate projects, including other bands. I will miss them and hope that they all do well...

A band which has actually been around a while, but has escaped the notice of many people, record stores and radio stations. Four outstanding musicians from Austin, TX with an irresistible funky groove and a compelling live presentation. Don't miss 'em if they come to your area, and check out their web site by clicking on the icon.

One of the true musical geniuses of the 20th century -- Frank Zappa, before his untimely death in 1993, was this country's premier modern-day composer, humanist and political activist. Some would say that he still is...

More Musical Links:

The Ecto Home Page - home of much informative musical info.

Happy Rhodes - a wonderfully talented but neglected singer/songwriter.

Shawn Colvin - the Grammy-winning performer who deserves more attention.

UBL Check out the Ultimate Band List for your favorites...

If you're not using a Macintosh, you have my sympathy :-)

Everything Mac Page

Ultimate Mac Page

Looking for a powerful FREE operating system to run on your PC, Mac, Amiga, or workstation?

LINUXLinux Home Page



The NetBSD project



The Dilbert Home Page - for you bright and creative induhviduals

Home of the slackful and scintillating Church of the SubGenius, Praise "Bob".

Monty Python's Flying Circus- 'nuff said.

Beavis and Butthead - Uh huh huh huh.

South Park!

Proof that occasionally something goes right in this world...

And so that I don't get any more nasty Email, look at this link:

Visit my friends and sample their catalog of wacky movies at LSVideo

We'll save all the hoo-hah about this page being under construction, all right? I mean, anybody whose page isn't continually undergoing revision is either dead or has forgotten their password. So check back periodically for updates. If you care.

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