A mere couple of years ago, Alaska-born Jewel Kilcher settled down in her newly-adopted San Diego to pursue a dream. Working drudge jobs by day, writing, singing and learning guitar in whatever time was left, Jewel struggled to make headway. After getting fired from a succession of waitressing gigs, she decided to quit trying to lead two lifestyles at once. Moving into her Datsun, and then a Volkswagen van, Jewel lived wherever her car happened to be parked -- surviving on peanut butter and carrot sticks, thinking five dollars in her pocket at once was pretty fine. She concentrated on her art, playing for money once or twice a week at local coffeehouses and devoting the rest of her time to thinking, writing, and perfecting her music.

In a sudden (yet long-worked-for) reversal of fortunes, she became locally well-known for marathon sets at a local venue called the Innerchange, and was soon discovered by an Atlantic Records scout. Jewel signed with Atlantic, recorded the tracks that would become her debut album Pieces of You, and has since been "busting her butt" touring in support of the album. About the time of her debut release, a group of interested fans acquainted with Internet mailing lists lobbied for a list devoted exclusively to Jewel and her music. Thanks to list manager Jeff Wasilko and a dedicated group of Jewel fans, the Jewel mailing list, informally known as the Everyday Angels, thrived from the beginning.

Jewel has long been aware of the energy and tenaciousness of her fans; she has written a song for us (Deep Water), and always managed to send a cheery note to us via her management at regular intervals. An almost offhand suggestion by one of the list members resulted in a chain reaction: Jewel agreed to perform a free concert just for her mailing list fans. After the go-ahead from her management, several gung-ho list members leaped at the chance to organize a concert, and JewelStock was born. Timed to coincide with the recording of Jewel's followup CD, this gathering brought nearly 300 Jewel fans from across the country together to celebrate the success of their favorite performer. Without further ado, let's go to JewelStock in Bearsville NY on the magical date of July 18, 1996!

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All pictures by Greg Dunn © 1996 :) except for me in front of the sign (taken by Matt Wendel), Liz and Fuzzy (Robb Leigh), and me with Jewel (taken by my lovely daughter Toni).

Thanks to Dennis Harris of the illustrious Harris Brothers for the use of the artwork.


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