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August 13, 2014 2 presentations will be made at the Acoustical Society of America conference in October, 2014

Potential sports concussion identification using acoustic-phonetic analysis of vowel productions

99.8 percent accuracy achieved on Peterson and Barney (1952) acoustic measurements
June 2, 2014 Speech Technology Magazine concussion article
Methodist Sports Medicine concussion article
May 16, 2014 Concussions: Waveform Communication is performing analysis to identify concussions from speech productions. Methodist Sports Medicine Education and Research Foundation awarded funding to support the concussion research. More news and the presentation of results will be announced and linked on this site.
July 23, 2013 New speech recognition software outperforms conventional commercial systems
A recent article published by the Purdue Research Park
May 7, 2013 Michael Stokes: The Story Of A Startup 20 Years In The Making
A brief history on how Waveform Communication, LLC came about


ELBOW Thanks to everyone who used the speech recognition engine ELBOW. Your recordings are greatly appreciated.

"It is not possible to look at the waveform of an utterance and say what sounds occurred", (Ladefoged, 1982, A Course in Phonetics, p. 168).   The impossible is now possible.

From speech signal to phonological features - A long way (60 years and counting). Henning Reetz - Dept. of Empirical Linguistics Goethe University, Frankfort. Presented at the 164th Acoustical Society of America meeting in October, 2012.    There will not be a paper discussing 70 years and counting.

99% Vowel Perceptual Accuracy
Explanation of Vowel Production
Explanation of Vowel Perceptual Errors