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July 23, 2013 New speech recognition software outperforms conventional commercial systems
A recent article published by the Purdue Research Park
May 7, 2013 Michael Stokes: The Story Of A Startup 20 Years In The Making
A brief history on how Waveform Communication, LLC came about

"It is not possible to look at the waveform of an utterance and say what sounds occurred", (Ladefoged, 1982, A Course in Phonetics, p. 168).   The impossible is now possible.

From speech signal to phonological features - A long way (60 years and counting). Henning Reetz - Dept. of Empirical Linguistics Goethe University, Frankfort. Presented at the 164th Acoustical Society of America meeting in October, 2012.    There will not be a paper discussing 70 years and counting.

99% Vowel Perceptual Accuracy
Explanation of Vowel Production
Explanation of Vowel Perceptual Errors